How to Earn Money from Writing Articles?

Writing is a great hobby and a fabulous way to enhance your critical thinking skills. There is a
very deep relationship between the reader and the writer. If you think your writing skills are
good enough to build a good connection with the reader, then you can earn a lot of money
through article writing.
Often people ask the ways to earn money online, article writing is a handy way to earn money
you can adapt content writing either a full-time or part-time job.
Whether you are a student or work somewhere, you can write articles remotely and earn
money at home.
Register yourself as a freelancer:
Open Google and search for article writing jobs. You will get many of them right there. There
are several websites that offer content writing work up to certain word limit per day or weekly.
You can register yourself as a freelancer at freelancing websites. Upwork, Fiver and Guru are
some authentic platforms to register you as a freelancer. Along with this, there are many other
websites and companies who need a skillful content writer. If your writing skills are good
indeed, you can get long-term projects and earn immense money at home.
Use Social Media Platforms to Get-Content:
Finding content is not a problem at all. You can join writing groups on Facebook. Many people
used to post different freelancing jobs for writers. Just stay active and you will get a lot of work.
For a better response, keep posting in these groups and specify your niche as well. Clients
looking writers for that particular niche will ping you.
Create a professional LinkedIn profile; build as many connections as you can. Inform them
about your skills and specialties and you will get lots of work without any hustle.
Blogging- An Easy way to earn money:
Being a writer, you have plenty of easy ways to earn money. if you have not registered yourself
as a freelancer or not getting any response from clients, start your own blog. Write whatever
you like to. Your interesting thoughts will attract readers on your site and you will ultimately get
content writing jobs.

Another way is to write some interesting guest posts like motivational articles, inspirational
thoughts, reviews and post them on blog sites. It’s a great way to get online articles job easily.
What qualities you should have as an article writer?
There are no hard and fast rules to be a professional article writer. Gradually, with experience
and writing on different niches, you will become a successful writer.
Just make sure your articles are:
 Easy to read
 Interesting
 Free from grammar errors
 100% unique
Yes, your content must be 100% unique. It’s quite easy to write unique content ( I am not
talking about spinning tools of course). Just get details of the topic and write it your way.
Why online article writing has become a prominent profession these days?
This is an era of technology. You know, 80% people use Google to access a business, product or
service. That’s why a competition has been created among businessman and companies.
Everyone wants to create attractive websites and attract as many customers as they can. For an
attractive website, it is very important to have informative content on it to make people
comprehend what they are offering.
This is the reason, now; content writing has emerged as one of the leading professions in the
world. The best part is, you do not need to go out, roam here and there in search of a job and
get worried about how to earn money? a good writer is always welcomed in the content
market with a warm heart. So, don’t worry, you have a very bright future.
How freelancers get paid?
Freelancers based in Asia get their payment through PayPal and Payoneer. These are
international money transfer tools. You can easily sign in to PayPal and Payoneer account

These accounts are affiliated with specific local banks of the particular regions. The user can
withdraw payment through debit card or ATM card.
Last but not least; content writing is a trusted job worldwide. Keep working hard and you will
become a successful professional writer soon.