Mobile marketing service


Softnos Technologies is a well-established IT company based in London.  We understand how important it is to make your business successful. This is what we do. We have a team of passionate expert content writers and an experienced team of SEO analysts. We provide digital marketing for local and huge-scale brands, products and business. We also do marketing through mobile phone devices. We are expert in mobile marketing. Our company is offering an affordable mobile marketing service that is flexible, result producing and easily accessible as well.

Our mobile marketing strategies:

We have a comprehensive set of mobile marketing strategies. We have a clear cut idea regarding the significance of advertising your brand on Smartphone. About 80% of total human population owns a Smartphone. All social media apps and sites including Bing, Google and yahoo have made their way to smartphones.  We advertise your brand on all of these sites that will be easily accessible. So, mobile phone is a great tool to enhance your business rapidly. Softnos Technologies use advanced strategies to meet up the standards of mobile marketing service.

  • Mobile advertisement for email
  • SMS marketing
  • MMS marketing
  • Push notifications
  • In App notifications

Mobile advertisement for email:

According to recent research, about 69% of emails are opened on mobile phones. Softnos Technologies is paying great attention to this figure. With this easy approach we do cost-effective Email Marketing that is quite beneficial for your business.

SMS Marketing:

Short message service is also a handy tool to advertise your brand via mobile phone. SMS service is available on all basic mobile phones. So, we use to advertise your services and product description through this service.

In App notification:

This is the latest form of mobile marketing. In this strategy subscribers get notifications regarding all updates.